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Many towns, counties, and other communities along the Snake River support the Idaho-Oregon Snake River Water Trail.  The Water Trail connects river communities, which benefit from being a part of the recreational, educational and economic opportunities it creates.

In the "Old West," stage stops were places along the stagecoach lines where drivers could rest, change horses, and make repairs before embarking on the next stage of their journey.  Some of the larger stage stops even offered lodging, food and refreshment for tired and dusty stagecoach passengers.

Snake River Stage Stops are places to launch your Water Trail Adventure, or places to take out at the end of a long day of boating, hiking, or cycling.  They boast spectacular scenery and rich local histories--as well as a variety of hometown restaurants, lodging, parks, recreational retailers.  They're places to rest and recover while celebrating the local flavor of our Idaho and Oregon communities.  They're scenic detours where you can play and explore while taking a break from the Trail.  They're "staging" areas where you can plan your next Water Trail adventure over good food and good company.

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