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Our Adventure Guide and Reach Map publications, along with our interactive online Snake River Water Trail Story Map, are meant to be a starting point for your Water Trail adventure!  They provide general information about river access points, nearby attractions, and what to expect on the different reaches of the river.  However, they are not comprehensive, and should be used in conjunction with other maps, guidebooks, resources--and common sense.  Remember that the river is a continually changing environment.  No one map or guidebook can anticipate how current flow rates, water temperature, or other factors impact your experience on the river.  ALWAYS wear your life jacket (PFD), and be on the alert for potential hazards each time you visit the river.  Contact local land and water managers for updates about water conditions, shoreline trail conditions, and additional visitor information. On and off the river, you are responsible for your own safety.  More resources for safe and responsible recreation on the Idaho-Oregon Snake River Water Trail are available here.

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