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The Idaho-Oregon Snake River Water Trail is supported by a diverse network of partners, friends and supporters.  Our partners manage recreation areas and river access points, provide travel information, collaborate on Water Trail projects and planning, and host events and activities on or along the Snake River.  We work with federal agencies; state, local and community governments; land managers; museums and interpretive centers; parks and recreation providers; utilities, retailers, and tourism industry associations; and interested citizens and outdoor enthusiasts.​

Many of our partners and supporters have chosen to share their information with the Idaho-Oregon Snake River Water Trail so that we can make it available on our website and in our newsletters and Adventure Guides.  You can read more about each partner and how they contribute to the Water Trail via the links under our "Partners" tab. 

For more information on how to become part of the Idaho-Oregon Snake River Water Trail, email 

Photo Credit:  Scott Koberg

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