Idaho and Oregon are crisscrossed with beautiful waterways to explore, from roaring whitewater to Wild & Scenic; mountain headwaters to majestic gorges. Some are backcountry "hidden gems" while others are iconic elements of our great Pacific Northwest landscapes. Most of these rivers and streams are not part of a designated water trail, although cumulatively they contain thousands and thousands of navigable river miles. All of them are tributaries of the epic narrative of this place.

The resources below will help you discover blueways in Idaho and Oregon which are part of a water trail or water trail system.

Oregon Water Trails

A current list of water trails in Oregon may be found on the Oregon Parks and Recreation Department's website.

2 states. 206 miles. 1 river.

The Idaho Oregon Snake River Water Trail Coalition is a 206 mile water trail along the Snake River in Southwest Idaho and Eastern Oregon for people to explore, respect and enjoy. A water trail is a water route that provides recreational and educational opportunities for motorized and non-motorized boaters and commercial opportunities for river communities. This trail begins at Three Island Crossing State Park, Idaho and ends at Farewell Bend State Park, Oregon.

Our mission:  The Idaho-Oregon Snake River Water Trail promotes river access and recreational opportunities that benefit communities, tourism and preservation of natural and cultural resources through a network of partnerships.


Laura Barbour, Water Trail Coordinator


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