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The Idaho-Oregon Snake River Water Trail is divided into eleven reaches (check out our Adventure Guide and Reach Maps publications to jump-start your Water Trail adventure planning). You can collect physical copies of the Adventure Guide and Reach Maps at Celebration Park visitor center open from 10am-2pm daily.  The reaches and corresponding river miles are outlined below.  Eventually, you'll be able to click on a link for each reach to discover details about river accesses and conditions, fishing, recreational activities, and other opportunities along each reach.

Reach 1:  Glenns Ferry Boat Launch (RM 539) to Loveridge Bridge (RM 513)

Reach 2:  Loveridge Bridge (RM 513) to C.J. Strike Dam (RM 494)

Reach 3:  C.J. Strike Dam (RM 494) to Swan Falls Dam (RM 457.5)

Reach 4:  Swan Falls Dam (RM 457.5) to Celebration Park (RM 447.5)

Reach 5:  Celebration Park (RM 447.5) to Walters Ferry (RM 441.7)

Reach 6:  Walters Ferry (RM 441.7) to Marsing (RM 424)

Reach 7:  Marsing (RM 424 to Homedale (RM 416)

Reach 8:  Homedale (RM 416) to Nyssa (RM 385)

Reach 9:  Nyssa (RM 385) to Payette (RM 365)

Reach 10:  Payette (RM 365) to Weiser (RM 351)

Reach 11:  Weiser (RM 351) to Farewell Bend State Park (RM 333)

Or, explore the Snake River Water Trail using our new interactive Story Map!

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